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No Happy Nonsense Podcast Episode 16
by Mike V.
February 13th, 2020

Episode Sixteen: SAP 2: Mike Pretends This Episode is a Podcast

Ah, the woe of creation. "Make a podcast" had been an idea jotted down quickly, unthinkingly, in several different notebooks for many years. Eventually I sat down and wrote episode one but even after writing it I just let the file lay dormant in my google drive with no action around it. I've never felt any sort of greater calling to "be a podcaster" or anything. I think everyone can agree that what I create is technically a podcast, sure, but not really what most people would think of as a "podcast" in general. I'm not saying what I make is good or so intellectual you can't understand it or anything like that. Quite the opposite. What I make is bad. It's boring, it's lazy. I get that.

And some days, it seems, it's just harder than usual to sit down and write and then record something resembling a podcast. This was one of those days. Apologies in advance to anyone who actually listens to it because there's really nothing interesting going on here. It's not such a disaster that it's fun, and there's no redeeming word play or compelling ideas that make it worthwhile outright. It's just me, feeling obligated to make something, so I "make something" and it's boring.

Perhaps this marks the time where I re-focus on writing, and pump the brakes on the audio work.

Thank you for listening, see you next week.

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