Hastiest Handiwork
Climate-change worrying, badly crafted fiction, odd things about The Office, and other non-important creations by Mike V.

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Mike V. is a writer, maker, bread baker, coffee brewer, bad environmentalist, vegan, shitty friend, part-time long distance runner, video game player, video game player watcher, and generally average dude from New Jersey who made this website (and then abandoned it, and then reclaimed it, and so on) to create things and put them out into the endless, all-consuming void that is the modern day internet. I mean, really, a website? A hand-made website? Who would even visit it? Isn't this basically just a blog, anyway?

Mike is not on social media and likes to brag about it. He doesn't have friends though, so he likes to brag about it via random comments on Reddit and Youtube. Reddit and Youtube are social media; Mike is also a hypocrite. If you want to read random thoughts from Mike in a smallish format, please visit the desk which is Mike's little fake Twitter feed thing he updates whenever he can remember.

If you would like to contact Mike, please send an email to nohappynonsense@gmail.com

Here is a photo of Mike looking at a river.